Engine carbon cleaning service

  • 1,000 Indian rupees
  • Frank Mechanic

Service Description

              Engine carbon cleaning is a growing industry and a popular method of  Remove the carbon build-up from engine without dismantling of parts. The process helps Restore Performance and Power to the engine. The process is complete in just 30-60 minutes depends on vehicle CC.                Our innovative ECC service using the latest hydrogen technology. It's simple and safe process and requires harmful chemical products. We recommended  ECC service as part of your vehicle's regular maintenance schedule.  Advantages : ​@^ Improve engine power by 15%, @^ Increase millage up to 30%, @^ Reduce emissions by 54%, @^ Extend the life of the Flush and oxygen sensor, @^ Clean cylinder, cylinder head and pistons, @^ Clean EGR and catalytic converter. @^ Clean Combustion chamber, Turbo charger, Exhaust pipe, etc.